Base Root Chakra

Ancient Sanskrit name: Muladhara (meaning: the root).

Commonly known as: Base chakra, root chakra, red chakra.

Number: One, the first chakra.

Location: Base of the spine, the perineum.

Association: Survival; the physical body; roots; connection to the earth, your body and your tribe.

Related Organs: Bones and skeleton, base of the spine, legs, feet, the large intestine, genitals.

Sense: Smell.

Element: Earth.

Age: 0-7 and 50-56.

When in balance: Feeling grounded, satisfied and comfortable in your own skin; physically full of energy and in good health; living a stable life.

When weak or damaged: Feeling spacey, ungrounded, anxious and unsatisfied; physically ill or weak; problems with the feet, legs, knees and/or bones, including sciatica; lower digestion issues, such as constipation and haemorrhoids.

When over-developed: Being set in your ways; feeling physically stiff; hoarding; emotionally vulnerable to unexpected events.

Symbol/yanta: A four-petalled lotus; the square in the middle represents the earth.

Phrases: I am, I survive, I am safe, I have enough, I am grounded.

Crystals: Try black, brown or red crystals, such as ruby, garnet and haematite, for grounding and protection.

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I am Grounded

The base (root) chakra is the wonderful, solid foundation for all the other chakras. Located at the base of the spine, in the perineum, it points downward, connecting us to the earth. A tall tree needs STRONG ROOTS to grow properly, while a tall building needs DEEP FOUNDATIONS to keep it stable. Our energy system is just the same: for strength, stability and the chance to soar spiritually, we need a solid base. The base chakra’s other name is the root chakra, and when it is working well it keeps us grounded to the earth, so that our energetic roots can support and nourish us and keep us safe through the storms of life.

This is the most physical of all the chakras. This red chakra isn’t about high ideals, deep thoughts or meditation; its main function is the SURVIVAL OF OUR PHYSICAL BODY. It takes us back to basics - to our ancestral, primeval needs: finding enough to eat and a safe shelter; maintaining the physical energy to hunt or forage; gathering and storing food and fuel for the winter; and staying on good terms with the rest of our tribe (because we wouldn’t survive on our own).

Though we are no longer hunter-gatherers, these BASIC NEEDS are still strong, particularly when we are very young. Babies and small children need warmth, food and protection simply to survive. This chakra is particularly linked to the first seven years of life, including time inside the womb. If you had a happy (or at least uneventful) childhood, with LOVING parents, in a peaceful neighbourhood or a politically STABLE country, then you have a better chance than most of developing a healthy root chakra.

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