Root Chakra Healing


In this article you will find all sorts of ideas to heal, strengthen and balance your root chakra. These include focusing on colour, food and your physical body, improving aspects of your life associated with this chakra and, finally, a meditation to connect you with your energetic roots.

This chakra governs our solid, physical day-to-day life. We could spend decades working on ways to balance this chakra: getting our finances in shape, creating somewhere great to live, taking care of our health, getting fit, eating properly and sorting out family relationships. Please don’t panic! These are all only suggestions, so pick out a few that you like the sound of and see where they take you. Whatever you choose, you’ll be helping your root chakra and beginning the task of cleaning and lightening your entire energy system.

The root chakra is linked to a beautiful warm, vibrant red. Colour psychologists say the vibration of this colour is very energizing. But there are all sorts of other gorgeous hues across the red spectrum that might appeal to you, ranging from dark burgundy and earthy reddish brown to zingy magenta and soft, light pink.

Look out for red: the more you seek out this colour, the more you will notice it. Each time you do, it’s a reminder to focus on your root chakra. See how many red things you can pick out at home and on the street: a bowl of raspberries, red flowers in the park, red lipstick and pink cheeks, a snazzy red sports car. Once you start looking, red will start popping up everywhere.

Wear something red: start with something small (and give yourself double location points for red socks or red underwear), or put a red tag on your bunch of keys, so that you see it every time you come home.

You could make a little altar, with red flowers and other red objects. Or post pictures of red items on social media. This is all about using the colour as a visual cue, to focus your intention on this chakra

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Every time you eat red food - even an ordinary tomato salad or a spoonful of tomato sauce - you can set the intention to use its wonderful colour to ground and nourish your base chakra. You might be surprised how much red food you notice when you focus on this area. Other vegetables to look out for include red peppers, chilies and red lettuce leaves, such as radicchio.

There are also many varieties of red fruit: you may become aware of seeing more strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, mulberries, redcurrants and ruby red pomegranates than before. Lots of fruit comes in beautiful shades of red, including rosy apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, rhubarb, red grapes and blood oranges.

The root chakra means “root”, so while you are focusing on this area, also look out for root vegetables of any colour. Energetically, it helps that they grow in the ground, and there is something particularly comforting and earthy about them. Try eating more potatoes (especially red-skinned ones), sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, celeriac, yams, garlic and ginger. Red onions, beetroot and radishes get double root chakra points.


One of the most obvious ways to balance your root chakra is through your physical body.

Your body gives you valuable clues about your health, but it’s far too easy to block out its messages until you are really ill or in pain. This is an opportunity to pay attention to what your body has to say. Book a massage: which areas are reminding you that they feel tender? Sign up for a yoga class: which muscles complain as you stretch? Pay attention during the day: when do you feel thirsty and what food is your body craving?


A sedentary indoor life - commuting, working on our computers, checking our mobiles - isn’t good for our base chakra. If you feel tired and lethargic you might feel tempted to spend even more time in front of the television, but your whole body would probably feel better if you could add more physical movement into your day instead. Moving your body pumps oxygenated blood around your system, relaxes your muscles and fascia and helps your energy to flow, too.

Perhaps the easiest way to exercise is to add some walking into your routine. Take the stairs instead of the lift, or use your feet for short journeys instead of the car. Even ten minutes’ occasional walking is better than nothing. And if you get ambitious, there are plenty of apps that can tell you how many steps you have done.


Your feet - like your base chakra - connect you with the ground. Try massaging your feet, or book some professional reflexology to move the focus of your energy from your head to the lowest part of your body. Walk barefoot around the house as often as you can. Even better, try to walk in bare feet outdoors on the grass or on a sandy beach. You can even connect yourself energetically with the planet on tarmac, in shoes. A good and simple mini­meditation is to remind yourself occasionally to think about the soles of your feet as they touch the ground. For extra grounding, imagine that you have energetic roots coming from your feet.

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