Sacral Chakra basics

Ancient Sanskrit name:    Svadhishthana (meaning: sweetness; one’s own abode).
Commonly known as:    Sacral chakra, lower belly chakra, orange chakra.
Number:            Two, the second chakra Lower belly, lower back.
Location:            Physical pleasure; fully experiencing the emotions; flowing movement; sexuality; creativity; the moon.
Related organs:        Lower back, pelvic area, intestines, reproductive organs, bladder, kidneys.
Seance:            Taste.
Elements:            Water.
Age:                8-14 and 57-63.
When in balance:        Able to feel pleasure; take joy in life; accepting of change and going with the flow; happy with your sexuality.
When week:            Numb in the body; lack of appetite; emotionally cold and distant; fear of change; sense of isolation; ashamed of your physical appearance; sexual denial; physically stiff.
When over-developed:    Riding a rollercoaster of emotions; blocked creativity; physical problems in the pelvic area; addiction; selfishness.
Symbol/yantra:        A six-petalled lotus; the crescent represents the moon.
Phrases:            I feel, I am joyful, I create, I move, I flow, I experience.
Crystal:            Try orange crystals, such as orange carnelian, calcite, citrine or aventurine to amplify your life force.

chakra bracelet
I am Experiencing

A healthy sacral chakra is like a delicious orange - full of sweetness and juice. Like the base chakra, the sacral is connected to your physical body and life force, but its focus has progressed from survival to the sheer JOY OF BEING ALIVE. As you move up into this orange chakra, everything gets more fun and juicy.

In the base chakra, you stick with your tribe for duty and safety, but in the sacral it’s about choosing to spend time with other people, for PLEASURE; about noticing and enjoying the taste, smell, colour and variety of the food you eat; about SENSUOUS ENJOYMENT and INTIMACY.

The sacral chakra also connects you with the joy of MOVEMENT, FLOW, CHANGE AND SPONTANEITY. It is linked to the moon, and its element is water; lunar waxing and waning and tidal ebb and flow are both good symbols of the constant motion of this chakra and the way it stretches your bandwidth of experience.

This chakra is located in the lower belly, between your navel and your pubic bone. Like all the middle chakras, it projects both forward (from your stomach) and backward (from the small of your back). It covers the physical area of your intestines, bladder, kidneys and womb. This part of the body can EXPERIENCE THINGS INTENSELY, on both a physical and emotional level.

Visceral feelings, rumbling low in the belly, are very different to emotions in the heart or upper chakras. Because the womb is in this area, the sacral chakra is also associated (even for men) with a deep, instinctive CREATIVITY and the gestation of projects.

This chakra’s Sanskrit name is Svadhishthana, which can be translated as both “sweetness” and “one’s own abode”. The sacral chakra is strongly linked to the ages of 8-14 years - a time when a child can roam a little more freely, discovering the joys of the world for himself or herself.

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