Root Chakra meditation


This root chakra visualization is very strong and powerful. Best to work directly with the feet, but you can also visualize roots coming straight from your base chakra.

Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful big tree. Look at the trunk and the texture of the bark. Look up at the spread of branches: the large limbs, the smaller branches, the twigs and leaves. Now look down at the ground, where you can see the top of the roots that go into the earth. These roots nourish the tree, with water and nutrients. They keep it strong and stable. If you could look under the ground, you would see how deep and wide these roots grow - a beautiful network spreading into the earth.

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With this thought in your mind, you are going to reconnect with your own human, energetic roots. Bring your attention down to your feet and breathe OUT. With each OUT breath, allow your feet to feelheavier. Now imagine that the energy of each OUT breath is flowing down from the soles of your feet through the floor, through any rooms below and then happily deep into the earth.

As you travel down with this OUT breath, it is like sending a root deep underground. With each OUT breath, more and more roots are created, spreading deep, spreading wide. Notice as you see, hear or feel your energetic roots spreading deep in the earth. With each OUT breath, go to the tip of the roots, so that they spread even deeper and wider. Keep breathing until the network is strong.

Now use your IN breath, too, to pull the lovely rich earth energy up into your feet. On your OUT breath, go back to the tip of the roots. With your next IN breath, bring the earth energy up to your knees - and so on, flowing slowly up your body, until you are full of beautiful, grounding earth energy.

When you have finished, thank the earth energy and slowly open your eyes.


Our ancestors are our roots to the past. Their fears and experiences, as well as blessings, can affect all of our chakras, particularly the root chakra. By acknowledging ancestors, you can help to heal family energy.

Start by collecting names, stories and photographs from relatives or from genealogical websites. Perhaps set up a little ancestor altar, with photographs. Send them loving thoughts and prayers. But also set the intention to release ancestral energy that is not yours from your body.

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