Engraved Magic Rune Stones


About this item

  • Tap into the power of the runes to gain clarity and wisdom. Discover your destiny with this ancient tool of divination.
  • Runes stones are used for divination - a way to predict the future. Nowadays you will put all rune characters in a bag and then think about a problem while you take a rune character as a key to your problem.
  • 25 high-quality rune stones with engraved symbols come in a beautiful velvet pouch for safekeeping and easy transport.
  •   Perfect for anyone interested in witchcraft supplies, spirituality, self-discovery, or personal growth.
  •   Futhark Rune stones include a detailed guidebook on how to use the runes for insight and guidance.
  •    Affordable and accessible tool for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual practice or connect with their inner self.

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